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Lined Valves

Standard: API, DIN, JIS, GB. 
Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel.
Size: 1/2"~16", DN15~DN400.
Pressure: 150LB, PN10~PN16.
Type: PTFE Lind, Rubber Lined, PFA Lined, FEP Lined.

Lined valves and accessories use fluorocarbons such as PFA, PVDF, PTFE, PFA-AS (antistatic), and UHMWPE upon customer request.
The melt process allows the liner to be locked into dovetails, locking grooves, and locking holes in the casting. Consequently, the potential for liner collapse and blow out is minimized.
Additionally, PFA and FEP liners are inherently less porous than PTFE.