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Diaphragm Valves

Standard: API, DIN, JIS, GB.
Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Steel.
Size: 1/2" ~16", DN15~DN400.
Pressure: 150LB, PN10~PN16.
Type: Weir Type, Straight Through, Flanged, Moterized, Pneumatic, 3 Way, Y Type, PTFE Lind, Rubber Lined. 

Diaphragm valves are based on pinch valves, but make use of an elastomeric diaphragm, rather of the elastomeric liner within the valve body, to split up the flow stream in the closure element. Rather of pinching the liner closed to supply shut-off, the diaphragm is pressed into connection with the foot of the valve body to supply shut-off. Diaphragm valves are fantastic for manipulating the flow of fluids that contains suspended solids and provide the versatility to be set up in any position. These kinds of valves have discovered prevalent use within the pharmaceutical, food processing, and water treatment industries. Manual diaphragm valves are perfect for flow control by providing a variable and precise opening for controlling pressure drop with the valve. Actuated varieties can provide features as adjustable opening, positioners for precise flow control, and electric relay of valve position.The benefits supplied by diaphragm valves are lots of. They're very clean, and may form a nearly leak-proof seal for tight shut-off. The diaphragm design offers easy repair and maintenance as possible replaced without disturbing the piping line. However, they're limited they're restricted to moderate temperature (-60 to 450F) and pressure service (roughly 300 psi) through the mechanical qualities on most common diaphragm materials. They can't be utilized in multi-turn operations. Diaphragm valves can be found in two fundamental forms: weir type and straight through types. The weir design is the best for general use applications or tough corrosive and abrasive services. The straight through type may be used in situations in which the flow direction changes inside the system. They're good for use with sludge, slurries along with other viscous fluids. Each style provide a streamlined path for fluid flow that yields minimal pressure drop over the valve.
The flow transfer and control category covers a wide spectrum of merchandise made to facilitate, control, maintain, meter, or browse the flow of fabric through hoses, pipes or tubing. The fabric under consideration could be liquid, gaseous, or semi-solid (colloids and slurries). The next families fall in this particular category: valves, valve actuators and positioners, dispensing valves, pumps, flow sensing, level sensing, density and particular gravity sensing, viscosity sensing, and miscellaneous related products.
We provide a number of Diaphragm Valves covering Cast Iron Diaphragm Valve, Ductile Iron Diaphragm Valve, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve: Straight Through Type Diaphragm Valve, Weir Type Diaphragm Valve, Flanged Diaphragm Valve and Threaded Ends Diaphragm Valve etc. All the Diaphragm Valves are made, manufactured and tested to API, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, Noise and BS Standards.