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Blind Valves

Standard: API, DIN, JIS, GB. 
Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Steel.  
Size: 12"~48", DN300~DN1600.
Pressure: 150LB, PN10~PN420.

Blind valves has been utilized to pipelines in a variety of industries wherever either positive shutoff is most concerned or full flow ought to be achieved without pressure drop.
The typical practice for line blinding by utilizing typical materials for example spectacle blinds, spool piece, blind flange valves etc. with gaskets placed between flanges has however been work intensive & time intensive and therefore led to making expense factors including time needed for that blinding/blanking process, lack of productivity brought on by lengthy blinding time as well as the operators from the production line happen to be unavoidably uncovered towards the potential hazard of explosion, fire, pollution as well as in halation.